SILA Union provides ample opportunities and tools for data processing and analysis that have been designed in the system

Model comparison and analysis in SILA Union

  • Comparison of "as is" and "as it should be" models
  • Model version comparison
  • Integration analysis of goals, time, cost, resources and opportunities
  • Defining and improving business performance

Using Ad hoc analysis you can answer typical questions of your enterprise::

  • Which staff members are involved and who is responsible for the process?
  • What data does the employee need to complete the function?
  • What information systems are used to solve the task?

Support for simulation modeling and functional cost analysis technologies

  1. Determination of the cost of business process products;
  2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of business processes;
  3. Calculation of the required number of personnel;
  4. Search for bottlenecks

Full risk management support at all stages

Identification of the risk and assessment of the probability of its implementation and the scale of the consequences

Selection of methods and tools for managing the identified risk

Development of a risk strategy in order to reduce the likelihood of risk realization and minimize possible negative consequences

Implementation of the risk strategy/strong>

Evaluation of achieved results and adjustment of risk strategy


Unlimited opportunities to digitalize your business - design business architecture, processes, IT architecture, org. structure, risks, strategy and goals, requirements and tasks

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Flexible analysis tools will allow you to explore your business at a detailed level - calculate the real cost of processes and the level of staff utilization, conduct simulations, control indicators


SILA Union provides a continuous cycle of business optimization - improvement of processes by employees, reduction of time for updating data and documentation, integration, etc.

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