Process analysis and optimization

Conducting optimization based on the results of business process analysis
  • Process cost calculation

  • Analysis of temporary downtime during BP execution

  • Analysis of the optimal shift schedule for staff

  • The choice of a more flexible and efficient org. Structures

  • Search for weak spots in the BP

  • Analysis of resource allocation by process

  • Cost analysis for technology resources

  • Search for methods to optimize business processes


  • Semantic check of models for typical modeling errors
  • Conducting functional cost analysis (ABC-costing) to calculate: the cost of execution of each BP, the cost of each participant in the execution time of the business process, the cost of technical resources
  • Automated GAP analysis based on the results "as is" and "as it should be" of the analysis models
  • Formation of datasheet for models and objects
  • Analysis of information gaps between business processes
  • Report Support:
    • responsible for business processes
    • Number of human-machine interface and their owners, as well as information systems used in activities
    • automated and "manual" activities
    • data and documents required during the execution of business processes
    • business process regulations and job descriptions of employees


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Import/export of data in all popular formats, as well as open API

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