Knowledge management, forming a suggestion box

A suggestion box

- An idea management portal that allows you to generate, collect, share and use ideas. The portal can be directed to company employees, clients, partners, ordinary users.


The SILA Union system will allow you to organize the system storage of knowledge, ideas and proposals in the Company

Reduced time-to-market

Search for new technologies, knowledge, ideas

A reduction of a value

Increasing efficiency

Entry into new markets

Access to information for decision making

Quality improvement

Business Ecosystem Improvement

How does the suggestion box work?

1. The employee publishes an idea - how the Company can improve its activities

2. The rest of the employees discuss the idea, expressing for / against, supplement it

3. Experts make calculations, evaluate the perspectives of the idea

4. Ideas Committee, together with experts,make brainstorm and give their opinion

5. . In the case of a positive decision, the idea, depending on the scale, turns into either a project or an indication

6. All participants in the process receive bonuses / privileges, depending on the contribution made

For staff

V - Exchange of knowledge and experience between employees
V - Chance to be heard (also by top management)
V - Chance to show new skills and to be noticed
V - Additional earnings and material incentives
V - Awareness of involvement in business impact

For the company

V - Providing access to up-to-date information
V - Finding solutions to urgent problems based on relevant goals
V - Identifying problems before they occur
V - Optimization of activities and increase of the Company's efficiency
V - Collection of information about the activities of employees (to stimulate and solve staff problems)
V - Uniting the team by working on a common idea and increasing loyalty to the Company

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