Risk and control management


Risk identification - identification and systematization of risks, description, assessment and planning in a single system. Risk Modeling and Communication with Business Processes

Development of control procedures - modeling of actions and activities aimed at reducing the likelihood of risk and minimizing possible losses

Key Tasks of Risk Assessment

More realistic production planning and project execution

Timely and effective implementation of the necessary measures

Confidence in achieving production goals and project objectives

Understanding and using all favorable opportunities

Effective loss management

Efficient management of project and operating costs

Flexibility as a result of understanding all options and their risks

Effective management of the development of innovative work and production

Reduction of the impact of unforeseen and adverse situations

Benefits of Risk Modeling with SILA Union

A single platform for modeling and controlling organizational risks
  • Risk identification

    Clear identification of risks and "binding" them to operational activities - to processes

  • Risk reports

    Specialized reporting and the ability to monitor the dynamics and trends of risks for various users

  • Audit Automation

    Setting up an automated process of internal audit / process control and its implementation in the current activities of the company

  • Separation of duties

    Separation of roles and duties among employees, automatic generation of job descriptions, checklists and reports

  • Risk measurement

    Ability to assess and rank risks for preparation and decision making

  • Change history

    Saving a history of all changes in the system regarding a specific risk

  • Job Routing

    Flexible work routing - from developing a control test to approving test results and generating reports from the system

  • Audit control

    Monitoring the timing and status of internal audit / process testing, notification of internal audit participants

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