A unique design and simulation tool for your business. SILA Union is a globally recognized platform and your reliable assistant

SILA Union is a universal tool in design and activity planning.

Digital model of the whole enterprise.The most complete list of models for business description: process model, org. model, IT architecture, KPIs, documents, strategy, risks, controls, reference books, etc.

200+ model types to describe any aspect of a business.

Unlimited possibilities for modeling activities, if there are not enough standard tools, create your own methodology and notations.

Create a suggestion box and a knowledge database in SILA Union for any of your tasks

The Web Page Publishing System - is a simple powerful tool for structuring and instantly sharing company-wide information

Graphical, textual and tabular models will allow you to structure the experience and knowledge of your employees

Flexible data access control makes information storage secure

Write and coordinate requirements in a single database for all

The text wiki model for hierarchical content organization is a complete replacement for Confluence.

The whiteboard model allows you to create and structure the layouts and logic of your applications, systems, and products. Sketching ideas, creating mind maps, designing UI / UX, planning activities, etc.

Product teams save 7 hours a week by designing new applications and systems at SILA Union.

SILA Union is a tool for each employee

SILA Union is not limited to building a digital twin of an enterprise, but also solves more specific tasks:

  • Description of automation processes (Implementation of SAP, Terrasoft, etc.)
  • Development of sales scripts
  • Internet of Things (IoT) architecture design
  • Scheduling and managing tasks
  • and others…


Unlimited opportunities to digitalize your business - design business architecture, processes, IT architecture, org. structure, risks, strategy and goals, requirements and tasks


Flexible analysis tools will allow you to explore your business at a detailed level - calculate the real cost of processes and the level of staff utilization, conduct simulations, control indicators

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SILA Union provides a continuous cycle of business optimization - improvement of processes by employees, reduction of time for updating data and documentation, integration, etc.

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