A modern business digitalization platform and a tool for innovation
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Do not limit yourself in terms of notations and possibilities: SILA Union supports all possible methodologies - the choice is yours! Design processes, IT architecture, org. structure, interfaces, requirements, tasks, mindmap and much more.


SILA Union has flexible analysis and reporting tools. Calculate the real cost of processes and the level of staff utilization, conduct simulations, monitor indicator deviations.


All data in the system are interconnected, this allows you to automate the generation of regulatory documentation. SILA Union has a thin client, which means access to all data without any additional installation. Rich integration and automation functionality.


Expected results after the implementation of projects at SILA Union:

  • 56% more efficient process optimization on average
  • – Product development team saves more than 7 hours in a week
  • 80% reduction in the cost of updating regulatory documentation

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SILA Union ensures uninterrupted work on high volumes and has multilingual support for international companies

Focused on safety

User authorization, role-based access model, audit log and much more - tools to ensure the safety of your data

Made in Russia

Similar functionality compared to advanced foreign systems, with support for import substitution projects