About platform

Import substitution support

SILA Union software is included in the registry of Russian programs (registry entry number: 6685), supports OS from the registry (Astra Linux, RED OS), supports DBMS from the registry (postgres) and does not depend on foreign components that are not included in the registry of Russian programs. The development team is located in the Russian Federation, technical support is provided in Russian, all documentation is supplied in Russian.

Unified Data Repository

All models and data on the Company are stored in a single information space - the repository. Each employee, depending on the level of access, has the ability to view and edit data in a structured and unified way. This is a huge advantage over Visio-class systems, where models have to be exchanged as files, there is no clear structure and understanding of which version of the model is the most current.

Unlimited opportunities for building a digital business architecture

Dozens of ready-made notations, as well as the ability to create your own types of models, objects, DDE links, attributes - complete management of the methodology in your company.

Creation of a unified knowledge base, management of requirements and ideas

SILA provides a complete toolkit for product teams: wiki models (a full-fledged alternative to Confluence), Whiteboard model (for building mind maps, designing interfaces, logic diagrams, etc.)

Document generation, data processing, automation of actions

Automating the generation and updating of your corporate documentation using scripts that allow you to receive, process and transfer data from the repository

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Unlimited opportunities to digitalize your business - design business architecture, processes, IT architecture, org. structure, risks, strategy and goals, requirements and tasks

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Flexible analysis tools will allow you to explore your business at a detailed level - calculate the real cost of processes and the level of staff utilization, conduct simulations, control indicators

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SILA Union provides a continuous cycle of business optimization - improvement of processes by employees, reduction of time for updating data and documentation, integration, etc.

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Tool for everyone

SILA Union is a multi-purpose tool, used in the activities of completely different departments - solving their problems everywhere
  • Business process modeling
  • IT architecture design
  • Suggestion box, knowledge management
  • Process cost calculation and optimization
  • Risk and control management
  • Building a business architecture
  • Update of QMS documents
  • Organizational change management
  • Management of the implementation of strategies and KPIs
  • Product development
  • Development of a digital twin of the Company
  • Resource planning and optimization
  • System of balanced indicators
  • Functional cost analysis of BP
  • Simulation modeling of business processes
  • Implementation of a quality management system
  • Implementation of information systems
  • Preparation for certification according to ISO 9001
  • Rulemaking of business processes
  • Creation and implementation of the Process Office
  • Development and maintenance of sales scripts
  • Maintenance of the product register
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