Digitalization of business
through the description of business processes

A unified understanding of the Company's processes

Producing a digital twin of an organization allows you to create a joint understanding of processes, terms, scope of work and responsibilities

Identification of risks and bottlenecks in processes

Evaluating bottlenecks in processes "as is" and collecting problems allows you to design processes "as it should be" and optimize activities

Comprehensive business description

Business process modeling is a part of the business architecture, which also includes a description of the Objectives, KPIs, risks, IT, documents, org. structures, etc.

Scale and replicate processes

Discussion of models by employees, collection of issues, ideas and suggestions, as well as replication of processes to subsidiaries


With SILA Union you can comprehensively model the activities of your organization:
- Render business processes for the unification of activities, as well as subsequent automation and regulation
- - Model other business platforms (IT architecture, organizational structure, strategy, etc.) and link them to business processes, build dependencies and evaluate the magnitude of the impact


Model business processes in your favorite notation, and if standard model types are not enough, then create your own!


  • Reduction of operating expenses of the enterprise
  • Reducing the time and cost of IS implementation
  • Significant reduction of operational/production errors
  • Reducing order lead times
  • Faster development and launch of new products
  • Reducing production costs
  • Increasing production profitability
  • Reducing the processing time for customer requests
  • Reducing the time of approvals
  • Improving the quality of products/services and reducing costs

Full lifecycle support for your models

AS-IS Modeling

Description of business processes "AS-IS", fixation of current realities and issues

Semantic model validation

SILA Union will automatically check your models for compliance with the methodology and modeling standards adopted by the Company

Publishing Models

Providing access to models for Company employees

Model annotation

Obtaining feedback from the company's employees, collecting ideas and suggestions

Model analysis

Creation of reports, generation of regulatory documentation, analysis

TO-BE Modeling

Based on the collected problems and comments, optimization of business processes, modeling of models "As it should be"

Model matching

Coordination of models with experts and business process owners

SILA Union is your reliable digital transformation assistant

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