Management of implementation of strategies and KPI


Intercoupling of strategy and processes through indicators and success factors
- Vision
- Strategy
- Critical-success factors
- Headline performance indicators
- Business process

Objective tree and KPI tree

- Measuring the degree of achievement of each individual objective and determining the sequence of actions for its achievement
- Independent control of the results of their activities by managers
- Prioritization of projects to achieve the strategy
- Informing employees about the directions of the company's development and how their activities contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives
- The system of staff motivation based on indicators, stimulating the actions of departments and each individual employee to achieve the strategic objectives of the Company
- Allowing the feedback needed to adjust and improve the strategy


SILA Union provides an entire interconnected design of subsystems of the Enterprise Architecture by sections:
- Strategic (objective diagrams, indicator diagrams, BSC, etc.)
- Organizational (organizational structure diagrams, role diagrams, etc.)
- Process (PSP diagrams, scenario diagrams, detailed process diagrams, process indicators diagram, etc.)
- Information (diagrams of information systems, data diagrams, knowledge model, etc.)
- Resource (document and status classification diagrams, resource diagrams, etc.)


SILA Union supports the cycle of BSC functioning procedures

Development / Modification of the BSC

Development / adjustment of target (10 years) and planned (year, quarter, month) KPI values


Implementation of BSC plan

- Strategic development plan
- Medium term Financial Plan
- Plans for the quarter and month


Data collection by indicators

Collection and systematization of actual data, in the context of 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, etc.


Analysis of KPI achievement

Analysis of the achievement of target and planned values of KPI and development of corrective measures

A unified understanding of the Company's processes

Producing a digital twin of an organization allows you to create a joint understanding of processes, terms, scope of work and responsibilities

Identification of risks and bottlenecks in processes

Evaluating bottlenecks in processes "as is" and collecting problems allows you to design processes "as it should be" and optimize activities

Comprehensive business description

Business process modeling is a part of the business architecture, which also includes a description of the Objectives, KPIs, risks, IT, documents, org. structures, etc.

Scale and replicate processes

Discussion of models by employees, collection of issues, ideas and suggestions, as well as replication of processes to subsidiaries


SILA Union will ensure the success of your ideas and projects

Infinite modeling possibilities

Any notations, modeling of any entities

Complete freedom in reporting and analysis

Generation of regulatory documentation and script analysis.

Task solution of each department

Wide functionality helps to solve the tasks of each department.

Powerful tool kit for any business

Designed for the largest companies, but also suitable for start-ups. Flexible pricing policy.

Access to models and data for the entire Company

In addition to the Desktop client, a full-featured WEB client

Modern intuitive user interface

A user-friendly interface will ensure a high speed of mastering the functionality by specialists

Simple integration with any system

Import/export of data in all popular formats, as well as open API

Designed in Russia for the global market

Complies with import substitution programs. Multilingual support

SILA Union is your reliable digital transformation assistant

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