SILA Union provides ample opportunities and tools for data processing and analysis that have been designed in the system

Involvement of employees of various levels in the optimization of the Company's activities

Authorized access to models, attributes, libraries, indicators and other data in SILA using a web browser

Structuring ideas, documents, data

The possibility of discussing models, commenting is available in the SILA application and on the Portal

Publication and discussion of proposals for improving business processes

Reduction of costs for updating the Company's regulatory documentation

Automation of generating reports and documents based on data and models in SILA Union: Standards, Regulations, Conditions, Job Descriptions, Reports, checklists, booklets with models, questionnaires and more.

SILA Union allows integration with any other DATA SYSTEM

Add- in API allows you to organize a single information center of the digital enterprise in SILA Union

Import/Export from other systems (including ARIS, Business Studio, Terrasoft, etc.)

Data exchange with external DATA SYSTEMS, for example, by uploading XML files

Modeling of processes for further automation

SILA Union supports BPMN notation, which can be used to automate processes, it allows:

  • Convert models to executable requirements
  • Enhance business and IT collaboration
  • Implement changes quickly and efficiently
  • Integration with automation tools


Unlimited opportunities to digitalize your business - design business architecture, processes, IT architecture, org. structure, risks, strategy and goals, requirements and tasks

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Flexible analysis tools will allow you to explore your business at a detailed level - calculate the real cost of processes and the level of staff utilization, conduct simulations, control indicators

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SILA Union provides a continuous cycle of business optimization - improvement of processes by employees, reduction of time for updating data and documentation, integration, etc.