Development of SILA Union in the context of general trends in business process management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach to organizing the work of an enterprise, aimed at optimizing business processes and increasing operational efficiency. BPM software solutions are an important tool for achieving competitive advantage and ensuring sustainable company growth. In recent years, there has been significant growth in the business process management market in Russia. The economic development of the country, directly related to the rapid development of information technology, stimulates companies and organizations to find effective solutions for optimizing and automating business processes. The demand for domestic BPM systems is growing, while the systems are becoming more technologically advanced and offering customers more and more diverse functions to meet their changing needs.

SILA Union, as a leading developer of solutions in the field of process management, in 2023 continued to work on the development of SILA Union software and carried out a number of successful events, strengthening its position in the market and confirming its status as experts in this field. Large-scale projects were implemented to import substitution of foreign software, digital transformation, design of business and corporate architecture and QMS in the largest companies in our country. The development of partnership between business and IT allows SILA Union to create tools aimed at solving real problems of companies and meeting market requirements.

One of the market demands is the need for analytical capabilities within business process management solutions. Customers need tools to analyze the effectiveness of business processes, identify problem areas and make informed decisions. SILA Union responds to customer expectations and requests, and in 2023 introduced an updated format of its platform, introducing into it all the necessary functionality for analyzing and optimizing processes. This will allow users of the SILA Union system to implement projects of any complexity and focus, effectively manage changes and more quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities.

SILA Union is now not only a necessary tool for a company of any size and activity, but an entire ecosystem in which more than 100,000 users have access to graphical and WIKI models, document and report generation, training centers, etc. Each user can influence development of SILA Union products - the backlog is formed based on requests that are important to customers.

SILA Union presented the updated release of the platform of the same name at the key 2023 event in the field of business processes, corporate architecture and digital transformation - the conference “Digital Power of the Enterprise with SILA Union”. Leading experts in process management and digital transformation design gathered on one site. Exchange of experience and knowledge, discussion of current challenges and prospects, as well as presentations of successful cases from leading companies in the digitalization of our country - all this contributed to the creation of opportunities and an appropriate environment for the development and progress of the field of process management.

Also, to promote the description of business processes and the implementation of tools for their automation and increase the efficiency of companies in general, SILA Union launched a community of experts in the field of business modeling and business architecture - SILA CLUB. This community brings together professionals and specialists interested in the development and application of advanced business process management methodologies. SILA CLUB members receive access to exclusive materials, training programs and special events that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest trends and share your knowledge and experience.

The growing trend of digitalization of business processes directly affects the market need for qualified specialists in the field of business modeling. This year, SILA Union presented a roadmap for the development of SILA Union educational products, and the tools with which specialists will be trained in business modeling standards. This will disseminate advanced knowledge and skills in the field of working with business processes, make them accessible to a wide range of specialists and provide a level of expertise that meets modern market requirements.

The introduction of a process approach is a necessity in current realities, since the number of external negative factors is only increasing. Sanctions restrictions are growing, legislation is changing, new players are appearing in the market - continuous adaptation to changing environmental conditions is necessary. The process approach will automate and optimize the work of employees, speed up decision-making processes and improve interaction with clients.

In general, an increasing number of companies are realizing the need to describe business processes and their further automation using new approaches and technologies. The process management market in Russia is developing and demonstrating significant results in various aspects, with key suppliers introducing new functions and capabilities. Thus, SILA Union in 2023 demonstrated a successful case of introducing generative artificial intelligence into business processes. Now, with the help of AI in the SILA Union system, it is possible to generate a subject area, generate business processes, risk maps, organizational structure and employee KPI indicators. The introduction of AI will speed up and optimize processes, increase the accuracy of forecasting and decision-making, and improve interaction between different systems and processes.

The BPM system is no longer just a narrow-profile solution for describing and optimizing business processes, it is a key platform that allows you to link together various information systems that are already used in the company. The strategic role of business process management tools will only grow: a BPM system must be able to manage large flows of data and respond to events triggered within existing business systems. This will allow you to detect bottlenecks in processes in a timely manner, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

An important pattern in the development of process management tools is a focus on customer satisfaction. BPM solution providers will continue to strive to simplify system interfaces and make them more user-friendly so that users can more effectively achieve their goals.

Another trend is the development of cloud technologies and the ability to work with business processes in the cloud. This will allow companies to save resources, increase scalability and flexibility, and use advanced tools and services provided by cloud providers.

Cybersecurity and personal data protection will also remain pressing issues next year. As the use of digital technologies and data exchange increases, so does the risk of unauthorized access and leakage. Therefore, companies will pay great attention to the development and implementation of data protection and privacy mechanisms, including in BPM tools.

In general, the BPM area continues to present great prospects and opportunities for development next year. Thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies, the creation of innovative solutions and the active interaction of specialists and experts in the field, companies can reach new heights in business process management and effective growth. There will also be positive dynamics in the implementation of business process management systems in small and medium-sized enterprises, and in projects for import substitution of foreign systems. It is important to note here that the transition from foreign software is no longer a trend, but a necessity, the realities of the Russian economy, which an increasing number of domestic enterprises are facing.